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Difference Between DTG and DTF

Difference Between DTG and DTF - Ready2Transfer

Summary of DTF vs DTG:

  • For custom clothing and accessories, direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTF) printing are common printing techniques.
  • Using modified inkjet technology, DTG printing equipment prints water-based inks directly onto clothing.
  • Using a heat press, DTF printing equipment applies ink to a unique transfer film, which is subsequently pressed onto a garment.
  • When compared the widely used DTG and DTF methods, fabric restrictions, print quality, and print durability should all be taken into account.

What is DTG printing?

DTG printing is a method that directly applies water-based inks onto garments using inkjet technology, similar to a standard computer printer, distinguishing itself by utilizing aqueous inks instead of oil-based inks.
  1. Printing Process:

    • Digital art file is sent to the DTG printer for the apparel design.
    • Aqueous inks are used instead of oil-based inks.
  2. Pre-Treatment Stage:

    • Application of a pre-treatment solution to the entire garment.
    • Prevents white ink from soaking into the fabric or mixing with other inks.
  3. Curing the Pre-Treatment:

    • The pre-treatment solution is cured using an air dryer or heat press.
    • This process flattens the printing surface for a smoother finish.
  4. Platen and Printing:

    • Garment is placed on a flat platform called a platen.
    • Platen is fed through the DTG machine, similar to paper through a printer.
  5. Ink Application:

    • The DTG machine applies aqueous ink onto the garment.
  6. Final Curing:

    • The printed garment is cured again with an air dryer or heat press.
    • This step locks in the design onto the fabric.

What is DTF printing?

DTF printing stands for Direct-to-film printing, which is a modern technique that involves sending a digital art file to an inkjet printer, similar to DTG printing. However, DTF printing diverges as it does not directly print on garments. Instead, it applies aqueous ink to a specialized transfer film, distinguishing it from the DTG process.

  1. Difference Between DTF and DTG:

    • Unlike DTG, DTF does not print directly on garments.
    • Instead, it applies aqueous ink to a special transfer film.
  2. Transfer Film Treatment:

    • Fixing powder is applied to the transfer film.
    • This makes the film adhesive, enabling proper placement of the DTF ink design on the garment.
  3. Garment Bonding:

    • The print supplier uses a heat press to bond the design to the garment.
    • This step cures the ink, making the garment ready to wear or sell online.

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